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Civil Engineer (Facilities Management) | Jobs in Dubai 2023

As a Senior Civil Engineer in Facilities Management Jobs in Dubai, your main job is to oversee and manage small civil projects and renovations in the UAE. These projects involve fixing up or building new things in homes and offices for both private and public clients.

Your job is to make sure these projects go smoothly, stay within the budget, and finish on time. You’ll work closely with clients, your team, and other contractors to get the job done right.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What You Will Do:

1. Taking Care of Projects:

Work with the sales and planning teams to figure out how much projects will cost and how long they will take.
Review project documents and get client approval to start the work.
Find the right contractors and vendors for the Jobs in Dubai.
Keep an eye on all project phases to make sure they follow the rules, codes, and plans.
Make sure projects don’t spend more money than planned.
Supervise your team and make sure everyone shows up to work on time.
Create a schedule to keep buildings in good shape and make any needed repairs.

2. Keeping Clients Happy:

Make sure clients are happy with the service and keep a good relationship with them.
Do your best to meet or even exceed what the clients want.
3. Managing Finances:

Make sure projects stay within the budget.
Keep track of the money and compare it to the plan.
Look for ways to save money.

4. Leading and Supporting Your Team:

Show your team how to do their jobs and make sure they do them well.
Help your team learn and get better at what they do.
Keep an eye on how well your team is doing and guide them when needed.
Decide who does what on each project and help them succeed.

5. Improving Processes:

Find better ways of doing things and make sure everyone follows the best practices.
Check if there are any risks in the contracts and make sure they meet the right standards.
Manage your daily tasks based on the budget limits set by the clients.

Skills Needed:

To do well in this role, you should have these skills

Understanding money and budgets.
Knowing how to plan and manage building projects.
Figuring out how much projects cost and how long they take.
Following the rules and laws for building things.
Knowing about different building materials and methods.
Being good at talking and writing.
Negotiating well.
Using computer programs like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and Viewpoint.

Qualifications and Experience:

You need a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.
Understanding the local market and knowing about public entities, contractors, and vendors will help.
Understanding Facilities Management and Civil contracts is important.
Minimum Experience:
You should have 10 to 15 years of experience in a related field, with at least 5 years in a similar role in civil contracting companies.

This job is all about making sure building projects go smoothly and stay on budget. You need to know about engineering, money, and how to work well with clients and your team.

♥ How To Apply

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What does a Senior Civil Engineer in Facilities Management do?

A Senior Civil Engineer in Facilities Management oversees and manages small civil projects and renovations in buildings, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and up to quality standards.

What are the key responsibilities of this role?

Responsibilities include project planning, budgeting, contractor management, compliance with regulations, client satisfaction, and team leadership.

What qualifications are needed for this position?

You need a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and 10 to 15 years of related experience, including at least 5 years in a similar role in civil contracting companies.

What skills are essential for success in this role?

Essential skills include financial management, project planning, understanding construction processes, communication, negotiation, and proficiency in software like Microsoft Office.

How does a Senior Civil Engineer ensure projects stay within budget?

By closely monitoring project expenses, comparing them to the budget, and looking for opportunities to save money without compromising quality.

♥ Conclusion

The position of a Senior Civil Engineer in Facilities Management within Dubai, UAE, holds significant importance in the successful execution of small-scale civil projects and renovations for a diverse clientele. This role requires a versatile skill set, encompassing project management, budgeting, client satisfaction, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

As Dubai continues its remarkable growth and transformation, the demand for skilled professionals within the Facilities Management sector remains robust. Those seeking jobs in Dubai will discover that roles such as Senior Civil Engineer in Facilities Management offer a blend of challenges and rewards.

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